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Criminal Defense

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows the California System

Knowledgeable advocate helps West Coast and Inland Empire clients

The Heather Hinton Law Offices in Victorville, CA represents individuals facing felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, DUI charges, and traffic violations in San Bernardino and Riverside counties and the West Coast. I will vigorously represent you and use all available tools to mount a thorough defense for your case. I know how to bring out my clients’ character and the positives of the case through witness interviews and police interviews, working with professional investigators, and analyzing documents presented by the prosecution.

Do not settle for a lawyer who does not concentrate in criminal defense

As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, I have first-hand knowledge of the strategies used to prosecute a case. My wide practice in criminal law allows me to build on this core knowledge, effectively representing my clients in the following types of cases:

  • DUIs — If charged with driving under the influence, you do not have to accept what the police put on the DUI report. They are only human, and they make mistakes. I read the report thoroughly and look for any inaccuracies or mistakes that may form the basis of a legal challenge.
  • Felonies — These charges carry stiff penalties and need to be defended aggressively by a firm that believes in its client. I have experience in defending theft, assault and other felonies.
  • Misdemeanors — At my law firm, traffic violations and other minor charges are taken as seriously as felonies. I defend these cases to their fullest extent, often with dismissal as the result.
  • Probation/Parole — I will assist with all issues relating to your parole, probation and supervision, working to achieve the most favorable terms attainable.
  • Juvenile Law — Young offenders should be represented by competent counsel to ensure their entire future is not ruined by youthful mistakes. I take pride in helping these clients to get their lives back on track.

Through my experience with the San Bernardino and Riverside County Courts, I am thoroughly familiar with the criminal docket and processes and with the district attorneys, judges and officials who make the courts function. These professional relationships help me guide you through the system as efficiently as possible.

You are a part of the team at Hinton Law

At the Heather Hinton Law Offices, I make sure that every criminal client is informed at every stage of the case. My office policy is to return every call the same day. I understand that defendants’ input is essential to understanding the case and building the best defense.

Knowledgeable criminal attorney in California will look out for you

If you have a criminal matter on the West Coast or in the Inland Empire, do not allow yourself to be represented by a court-appointed attorney or one who does not concentrate in criminal law. Call the Heather Hinton Law Offices at 442-267-6124 or contact me online for a consultation.

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