Heather Hinton is criminal defense attorney that represents individuals facing felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, DUI charges, and Traffic Violations in the San Bernardino County, Riverside County and High Desert. The Hinton law firm will defend you vigorously, working with private detectives and forensic experts to mount a thorough defense for your case.

Heather Hinton as an experienced criminal attorney has firsthand knowledge of the district attorney and assistant DA’s and law enforcement’s strategy to prosecute a case. This knowledge is used to determine a counter strategy for your criminal case. When the government is out of control, the Hinton Law Firm brings your criminal case back to reality.

There are always two sides in every criminal case. Heather Hinton takes an active and aggressive approach to each criminal defense case. A good criminal defense attorney understands that police reports, or any other evidence that the prosecution gathers is bent on one thing, prosecution of the defendant. Mounting a solid criminal defense can require an investigation that brings light to the defendant’s side of the case. Witnesses need to be interviewed. Reference of a defendant’s character should be obtained. Remember you are responsible for retaining a defense attorney for your criminal case that will procure evidence and show the court more than just the prosecutions side. This can help the district attorney to grasp the facts for the entire case determines if lesser charges or a dismissal are appropriate.

Heather Hinton understands San Bernardino and Riverside County Courts. How the courts calendar criminal cases and the process of appearing before the Court. Hinton Law is familiar the district attorneys, judges and employees of the courts. It is these professional relationships and our credibility that better server you with Inland Empire Justice system.

The Hinton Law firm makes sure that every criminal defendant client is informed at every stage of the case. Our office policy is to return every call the same day. We understand that defendants are essential when understanding your case and how to build the best criminal defense.

Legal advice given to our clients will be objective, reliable, and looking toward your best interest and based on a prudent and through analysis of all the facts and law unique to your case.

When times are tough, things that need to get done get hard. Appearing in Family Court is as stressful as a criminal matter. There are so many facets of family law. Every case will affect our family, our lively hood and even our health.

Managing the landscape of family law is fraught with many perilous steps. If only hiring a trained professional in the field of family law was the answer, just filling out a form on a web site would be the first and last step. Sometimes family can be downright hard. Making difficult choices for a family, in the midst of conflict can be impossible. The Law Offices of Heather Hinton provide expert and compassionate services that provide a stable environment so a client can make informed choices.

A divorce can have many issues including custody, property division settlements, and visitation parameters that require an expert familiar with the rigors of family law.

If you have a spouse neglecting their responsibilities, or you need to re-configure your current support obligations as a result of a change in family status, do not delay in retaining the best services available.

Admission Details

  • 2016, California

Law School Attended

  • California Southern University Law School

University Attended

  • Victor Valley College